about us

About Us

  • Launched in February 2013, Ocazion Deals is wholly owned and
    operated by "Advesion Corporation for Advertising & Web
  • Ocaziondeals.com features the best daily deals across your
  • We advise you to buy, share and enjoy our offers with up to
    90% rare discounts on everything you can imagine.
  • Our aim is to bring our customers the best out of the deals and
    to spoil them with exciting and fun offers.
  • So when you spot a deal, hurry up and buy it before it ends!
    Then share it with your friends and have fun together.

Key things that beat up our competition:

  • Deals that lead to addiction every day
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Incredible customer support
  • We successfully help local businesses grow

Our products

  • Daily Deals -deals and rare discounts on the best offers
    across your city
  • Activities â memorable outings, sports, classes and more
  • Storeâwide collections of products and services
  • Takeaway& Delivery - online food ordering close to you


  • We know that satisfied customers are the best advertisement
    for any business and this follows to our mission: to fulfill everyoneâs desire by
    providing the most beneficial and pleasant deals and showing that quality
    products and services are not necessarily expensive.


  • To keep growing a platform that inspires people trying
    something new every day - just because its featured on Ocazion Deals