Ocazion Deals https://www.ocaziondeals.com/ Ocazion Deals https://www.ocaziondeals.com/. All Rights Reserved <![CDATA[Bring your look into focus! 50% discount on any eyeglasses frame that fit your lifestyle at Muslim Optics, Nasr City]]>

  • Today, Ocazion Deals offer 50% discount on any eyeglasses that fit your lifestyle. Unlike other eyeglasses stores, with Muslim Optics you donâ��t have to settle for second best. Get your stylish eyeglasses today and safe your money! Pay EGP 45 instead of EGP 90 for eyeglasses made with the utmost care and quality at Muslim Optics, Nasr City.

Value : $90

Buy now: $45

$90 $45
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<![CDATA[Fall inlove with your car again! Get 50% off Full Car Care and 50% off Extra Services at First Car Care, Heliopolis ]]>

  • Keep your vehicle in top shape! Pay EGP 100 instead of EGP 200 for Full Car Care at First Car Care, Heliopolis.
  • Full-service hand wash with presoak and high-pressure rinse, which includes an exterior, and an interior wash and much more!
  • Interior wash (Front & Back Seats + Dashboard Cleaning & Polishing + Door Panel + Windows)
  • Hood wash & the areas under the hoodwith special chemicals
  • Engine Cleaning.
  • Trunk Vacuum.
  • Exterior wash +  Under carriage rinse with shampoo.
  • Tire Gloss.
  • Cleaning Carbon Fiber.
  • Air Freshener.
  • Add Extra Services with 50% discount and enhance your vehicle's look and add beautiful shine. Pay EGP 150 instead of EGP 300 for complete car polishing.
  • Your vehicle will shine - inside and out.

Value : $200

Buy now: $100

$200 $100
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<![CDATA[Get 50% off for your choice from the large menu at Bella Vista in Mohandseen. ]]>

  • Pay EGP 35 for your choice from the large menu fir EGP 70, enjoy the real 50% discount from Ocazion Deals.

Value : $70

Buy now: $35

$70 $35
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<![CDATA[Love became not forbidden anymore, pay only EGP 30 and collect your amazing flowers Bouquet for EGP 80 at Rosa Flowers, Mohandeseen. Free Delivery.]]>

What is the best way for you to make an impression on your love? - Gorgeous bouquet!

Don't wait for an occasion and give flowers, make an occasion by sending flowers to all people who mean a lot to you in your life and express your feelings, just because they will never forget it! Today's Ocazion Deal brings a special offer from Rosa Flowers, pay EGP 30 and collect your colorful flowers bouquet for EGP 80, real discount for real feelings.

Flowers Price:

  • Imported Flowers EGP 7
  • Local Flowers EGP 5
  • Rose Krizantem EGP 5
  • Spider Flowers EGP 5

Value : $80

Buy now: $30

$80 $30
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<![CDATA[Convert your memories and your best moments to a masterpiece on a Photo Block for 50% OFF at Print House, Heliopolis ]]>

  • It's a crime to keep your favorite photos locked in the darkness, so get them out there!
  • Photo blocks are the contemporary alternative to a photo frame, hang them on a wall or stand them on your desk. Or don't look for the perfect gift ever again and give it now!
  • Pay EGP 60 instead of EGP 120 for your photo block at Print House in Heliopolis. The available dimensions are 30 x 40 and the preparation period is within 2 days. 

Value : $120

Buy now: $60

$120 $60
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<![CDATA[Wonderful Cup Cakes after Iftar, buy 3 cup cakes and get 3 cup cakes for free from Cakes Land in Nasr City.]]>

  • Get 50% discount for cup cakes from cakes land in Nasr City, pay EGP 30 instead of EGP 60 for 6 cup cakes of your choice and enjoy the sweet after Iftar.

Value : $60

Buy now: $30

$60 $30
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